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Black Adam Review

Ryleigh Hinkle, MVC writer December 16, 2022

“Black Adam” is a movie that was released October 21, 2022. It was also released on Vudu and Amazon Prime Video about a week after the theatrical release. The movie was produced by DC Films and Warner...

Why Zoos are Bad

Ryleigh Hinkle, MVC writer December 5, 2022

Zoos have been around since the 1700’s. They hold animals of all kinds, from mammals to reptiles. Zoos have come under severe criticism as many people debate whether or not their existence is good. Personally,...

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Review

Ryleigh Hinkle , MVC writer November 28, 2022

Black Panther was created in 1966 and first appeared in the Fantastic Four No. 52. As of 2022, Black Panther has two movies. Chadwick Boseman, the actor who played Black Panther in the movies, passed...

Frankton Heritage Days

Ryleigh Hinkle, MVC writer and photographer November 11, 2022

Frankton Heritage Days is a festival that occurs in Frankton, a small town in Indiana. The festival has lots of games, rides and fair food. It was first held in 1975 and won the award for Best Small Festival...

Mr. Dodd Resigning

Ryleigh Hinkle, MVC writer November 7, 2022

On September 19th, an email was sent out about the resignation of MVHS principal Mr. Dodd, who left to pursue other career opportunities. The email that was sent out said that a new principal should be...

A couple of the dum dum flavors Ryleigh picked.

Dum Dum Flavors Ranked

Ryleigh Hinkle, MVC writer October 17, 2022

Personally, Dum-Dums are my favorite kinds of suckers. There are so many flavors to choose from, though I feel that some flavors are better than others. There are 16 flavors in a regular bag, but I am...

Cool Math Controversy

Ryleigh Hinkle, MVC writer September 28, 2022

Many students between the ages of 11-18 have heard of It is a website that claims to have relevance to math, but, as we know, it is just games. Sadly, MVHS has this website blocked because...

The Black Phone Review

Ryleigh Hinkle, MVC writer September 12, 2022

“The Black Phone” is one of the best horror/thriller movies I’ve seen in awhile. The acting by Mason Thames, who plays the main character, Finney, really made me feel scared for him. It was a very...

This is the biggest Ferris Wheel at the Indy State fair. Though it was cloudy, the picture still shows off just how big it was.

Indiana State Fair

Ryleigh Hinkle, MVC writer and photographer September 8, 2022

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