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Minecraft Update

Elianna Young, MVC writer May 2, 2024

  Minecraft’s new update, update 1.21, is coming midway through this year. The title for this new update is the Tricky Trials, and its features include new weapons, blocks, items, and the Trial Chambers....

Minecraft Mob Mayhem

Elianna Young, MVC writer February 14, 2024

As many in the Minecraft community (TMC) know, the mob vote sparks controversy. Mojang and TMC have been at war, especially with the most recent mob vote. This vote might have been the last. Minecraft...

Minecraft camera mod review

Graci Watson, MVC Writer May 5, 2022

I recently discovered a mod called “Minecraft Camera Mod” for Java. It adds 3 new items to the game: a camera, a picture frame, and a photo album. The little things added can really make the game even...

Minecraft Bedrock vs. Java Editions

Keith Ellington, MVC Writer April 5, 2022

There are two official versions of Minecraft: “Minecraft Bedrock Edition” and “Minecraft Java Edition.” For years players have debated which version is better than the other. There are some differences...

Playing Modded Minecraft With Friends

Graci Watson, MVC Writer April 1, 2022

Playing Minecraft alone can be boring and lonely sometimes. I recommend playing Modded Minecraft with a few friends. I play with my friends Drew, Aiden, Brady, Ben, and Milkshake. They make the game really...

Minecraft 1.18 Review

Gabe Rentfrow, MVC Writer February 15, 2022

Mojang recently released a new update for their multiplayer sandbox game, Minecraft. Minecraft updated the graphics, generation, and looks of Minecraft cliffs in the new caves and cliffs update. This features...

Rating Minecraft Biomes

Duncan Schiller, MVC Writer January 19, 2022

The Minecraft 1.18 update brought several new biomes to the game. So, with the new biomes in mind, here is a review of my ten favorite biomes in Minecraft. Starting off with the first and lowest rating...

Minecraft 1.18 Update

Gabe Rentfrow, MVC Writer January 3, 2022

Mojang recently released a new update to their sandbox game, Minecraft. They named the update “Caves and Cliffs.” In the release, they planned to introduce new mobs, shaders, graphics, lighting, and...

Minecraft Hardcore Mode Review

Gabe Rentfrow, MVC Writer November 11, 2021

In all Minecraft hardcore survival worlds, the player's main goal is to survive. All players  are given 1 life and if they lose it, the world gets instantly deleted and they lose all of their progress....

Minecraft Vulengate Server

Graci Watson, MVC Writer October 27, 2021

Vulengate is a free-to-play Minecraft multiplayer server that is only available for Java edition. I played on this server once in 2019, but grew tired of it. However, they have since added a lot of new...

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