Lip-syncing taken to a whole new level

The 2019 Mt. Vernon Lip Dub took place on Friday, May 3rd during SRT. The whole school was able to participate and sing along to the songs such as Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X, “Hey Ya” by OutKast, and “Best Day Ever” by Mac Miller that was being played while the students walked through the halls.

This lip dub involved going around the school and having groups and individual students lip-syncing to a mashup of songs. This helped represent Mt.Vernon’s school spirit. At the end of the lip dub, the students were able to gather in the gym, sing the fight song, and cheer for the video.

“I was in the lip dub last year and it was fun participating in,” said Micah Coletta, 12.

The school was decorated with several fun themes, such as a farm theme found in the gym hallway. Another theme involved was the decades theme down Mrs. Beuchert’s hallway.

“I think it is a great school spirit activity and I am glad that Mr. Shaver put this on for everyone,” said Mrs. Ruble.

The Lip Dub was a way to unify the Mt.Vernon student body.

“I liked the atmosphere of the lip dub because it made the school feel more together and it was really fun,” said Madalyn Lowell, 11.