Studying Tips 101

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There are several different forms of studying and methods, and students have different ways that work for them.

Of the different ways of studying, there are three main ways of preparing for a test or quiz.

  1. Someone can be an auditory learner, which means that a good way of studying for them would be to read notes aloud, discuss them with other people, and record keynotes to play them back.
  2. A person can also be a visual learner, which means that they can study by using different colored highlighters to highlight important information, draw diagrams, and look at images.
  3. Tactile learners use studying methods such as role-playing or building models to revise key points.

“I consider myself a visual learner because being able to see what I’m learning helps so much more than just listening,” said Halle Strege, 12.

It is not recommended to study the night before, but to start at least five days before the test or quiz. This ensures that the information will be retained for longer periods of time and will be easier to learn.

“I think that I am an auditory learner because when people are saying information to me, I am able to process that information better and interpret it better,” Rachel Stinger, 11.

Staying motivated is probably one of the hardest things to do while studying. One way to help build motivation is to take small 5-10 minute breaks every 30-45 minutes. This way, you will be more alert and able to hold more material in.

Make sure the study space is clear, and you can use your resources to study. There are several different ways of studying, and you just have to figure out what study method helps the most.

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