Snow Whirl 2018


Jacob Roberts

Snow Whirl 2018

Mt. Vernon had their annual Snow Whirl on Saturday, December 8. The dance went on from 8pm to 11pm.

This dance gave people the opportunity to dress up and dance with friends for the night.

“I thought it was fun, and it was a good Snow Whirl to end off my senior year on,” said Halle Strege, 12.

There were snacks and drinks provided at the dance, along with a DJ to play the music.

“It was the best one yet,” said Ava Hampton, 12.

This dance is fundraised by the choir and the band. Jacob Crow was announced the Snow Whirl King, and Joan Lee was announced the Snow Whirl Queen.

“It was exciting because that was the first time that had ever happened to me and I felt honored to represent my class and my ethnicity,” said Jacob Crow, 12.

This dance helped fundraise money for the whole music department with the tickets costing $25 and close to 500 people showed up to the dance.