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Flowers Toxic to Cats

Susanna Gates, MVC writer May 23, 2023

There is nothing better than smelling the sweet aroma of a beautiful bouquet of flowers. One of the most common gifts during holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and even birthdays is flowers....

The Livery’s complementary Tres Leches birthday dessert.

The Livery

Susanna Gates, MVC writer and photographer May 15, 2023

 High-end dining with a Latin American flare. That is the main concept of The Livery, an upscale restaurant located in Noblesville, Indiana. They feature a wide variety of Latin American cuisine, with...

The information booklet, lanyard, and free T-shirt given to students attending Red Carpet Day.

IU Red Carpet Day

Susanna Gates, MVC writer and photographs April 20, 2023

At a time when big college decisions are constantly in the back of many high schoolers’ minds, colleges are setting up special days and tours for prospective students. Indiana University in Bloomington...

Mt. Vernon high school seniors Julie Nicklin and Nicole Burris enjoying the snack-sharing circle.

Snack Sharing Circle

Susanna Gates, MVC writer and photographer March 6, 2023

The growling sounds of hungry students who have skipped breakfast are often heard in classrooms all over the school. Teachers already spend enough of their own money on things for students, so a snack...

The outside view of the Regal Theater where I watched “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.”

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Susanna Gates February 7, 2023

“Fear me if you dare!” is the famous line of Puss in Boots. Many remember watching the childhood classic movie which came out in 2011. However, Universal Studios wanted to draw their viewers in for...

The SB Dunk lows crossed and layered, displaying their ruby red Nike swoosh.

Nike Shoe Review

Susanna Gates, MVC writer and photographer January 10, 2023

While shoes are not usually the first thing someone notices about a person, high-end sneakers have risen in popularity over the past few years. Nike is one of the most popular brands selling these high-priced...

Faux Christmas trees, surrounded by Christmas lights for sale.

Should Christmas Season Start in November

Susanna Gates, MVC writer and photographer December 12, 2022

As the Halloween season quickly fades from view with the October leaves, another season takes its place. Stores quickly stock up on Christmas trees, candies, and decorations. It is like a Christmas explosion....

The murals progress outside of Mr. Green’s side of the alcove.

Murals at MVHS

Susanna Gates, MVC writer and photographer November 16, 2022

Color has the power to evoke emotions. It can make people feel anger, sadness, happiness, and even joy. However, when glancing around the halls of Mt. Vernon High School, it is very easy to see its lack...

Betty Crockers Peanut Butter Fudge Cookie Cups at the grocery store.

What Does Betty Bake Best

Susanna Gates, MVC writer and photographer October 20, 2022

Boxed desserts have changed the dessert game, allowing people to make desserts such as cookies, cakes, and brownies in only a few easy steps. They do not require any advanced baking skills and usually...

Mt. Vernon High Schools precalculus and trigonometry teacher, Mr. Doud.

Teachers Who Have Been at Mt. Vernon the Longest

Susanna Gates, MVC writer and photographer October 17, 2022

It is easy to walk through the halls of Mt. Vernon High School for four years and never look back after graduating. However, for two teachers, Mt. Vernon has bee n an essential staple...

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