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Mackenzie Carpenter

THIRSTY? Get Fresh smoothie menu offers morning refreshment.

Last year, Mt. Vernon High School had a mini coffee shop inside the building. Coffee Connection was open almost every day last year, and provided students with coffee or smoothies before school.

Coffee Connections is now Get Fresh. They only serve smoothies, but plan on selling hot coffee during basketball games, because it would be after school hours. Get Fresh offers different flavors, such as strawberry, strawberry-banana, and peach.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not at all related to Java Junction, however, the owners of Get Fresh are close friends with the owners of Java Junction.

“They actually sold us their old espresso machine for Coffee Connection last year,” said owner, Reggie Horner.

Get Fresh employees will be at MVHS every Tuesday through Friday, selling smoothies for $2.85. Horner said that they are very excited to get to know the students of Mt. Vernon, and sell them smoothies from their smoothie shop.