“A Simple Favor” review

On October 1, I saw the movie “A Simple Favor” with family and friends. Prior to seeing the film, many people told me it was really good and that I was going to be impressed with it.

With characters played by Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick, I already knew that the film would be great. They are both wonderful actresses, and I enjoy the movies they are in.

At the beginning of the movie, the characters are introduced. Stephanie, played by Kendrick, is a simple mom, who is very involved around the school and at home. On the other hand, Emily, played by Lively, is a mysterious mom who never is really involved in anything at school. She works all the time and is never able to spend time with her child.  

The two women become close, and many secrets are shared after drinking together. The two know more about each other than anyone else does, and they become the best of friends.

After this strong friendship develops, Emily goes missing. This is an unexpected twist in the movie and kept me on my toes. I thought the film would continue to show their growing friendship, but all the sudden, Emily is yanked out of Stephanie’s life. This is one of the biggest plot twists I have seen in a while, and I thought it was truly interesting.

Stephanie is intrigued by her friend’s disappearance and decides to dig into Emily’s past to discover why she might have gone missing. She taps into things that she did not expect to find and learns that Emily is not who Stephanie thinks she is. I really enjoyed this part of the film because I could feel the tension rising. I knew something big was going to happen with all of the information Stephanie gathers.

In my opinion, the best part about the movie is the soundtrack. Many of the songs picked are in French, which adds a mysterious and kind of whimsical feeling to the movie. The music makes every scene just a little more interesting and made me love the movie.

In the end, all of the chips fall into their place, and the ending of the movie is very satisfying. I enjoyed every aspect of the movie, especially the action and tension between characters as the film went on.

I recommend this movie to anyone who likes mysteries, and anyone who enjoys music. It is definitely worth a watch and a listen.