Promposals- over the top?

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Looking around at all of these intricate promposals, I have to ask myself, are promposals worth the hype?

I don’t think that they are really something important. Personally, I believe they are sweet and a good way to ask people to go to prom with them, but I don’t see them as being something that is necessary.

Many couples come up with cute ideas and poster boards to ask their significant other to prom with them.

“I had no ideas, and then I heard Chris Breezy was coming in concert,” said Max Burhenn, 11. “I thought it was the perfect idea because Lexi is annoyingly obsessed with him, so then I [promposed] and I think she liked it.”

He made her a poster board with Chris Brown lyrics, and it was full of thought and very cute.

“There couldn’t have been a more perfect for him to ask because he knows I love Chris Brown and bought pre-sale tickets to his concert,”  said Alexi Harde, 11. “It was so creative and I thought it was perfect.”

I definitely think that Max’s promposal was sweet, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with just asking. If you are already dating someone, I think just asking, with words, is the way to go. Many people like to go for the extravagance points, but that just isn’t for me.

“I think promposals are a must and aren’t over the top, because what’s prom without them?” said Alexi Harde, 11.

They are annoyingly common, but each promposal has a unique aspect to each person. I think the thought that goes into asking is the part that makes them so special.

Promposals are something that are super new and something that older generations did not have to deal with. I know that my parents think all the promposals are super extra and not necessary, and that is it easier and less expensive just to ask. I’d say I have to agree with them, but I think promposals are sweet and something that is becoming more and more necessary when asking someone to prom.

These promposals are changing the way people ask to prom, and this might have an effect on their future wedding promposal. If the proposal just to go to prom is very over the top and extravagant, does that mean that a wedding proposal has to be even better?

At this point, the only option to marry someone is to ask them while skydiving out of an airplane.