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The Commuter

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I saw the movie “The Commuter” on Saturday, January 27, and I think it is a pretty decent film. It is nothing that I would ever see again, but it was worth the watch.

“The movie was trash, it was not worth the money,” said Jackson Schrowe, 11.

The story follows Michael Woolrich, the main character, on his daily ride home after he had been fired from his job. When he is sitting on the train, a woman comes up to him and offers him $100,000 to do a simple task: figure out who Prine is and take their bag.

The entire movie is about Michael finding Prince, and it is a tension-filled story with a twist ending.

The acting was mediocre at best. The worst acting of the movie is when Michael’s family was being held for ransom. To me, he wasn’t showing that much emotion about it. Personally, I would have been freaking out if someone had my family members held hostage.

Also, Michael constantly tried to play the “good guy” by not harming anyone, but if he had, the movie would have ended much faster and be a lot more climatic.

If you’re bored and you need something to see, this movie might be a good choice, but I wouldn’t waste your money on “The Commuter.” It is a good rent-at-Redbox on a lazy Friday night kind of movie.


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