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Fate/Personal Choices: What is most effective?

Yasmin Sustaita, MVC writer May 17, 2023

Throughout life, people often make decisions that can alter their course of life, whether they impact it exponentially or even just in a small manner. When it comes down to it, though, the question remains:...

Latino or Hispanic?

Yasmin Sustaita, MVC writer and photographer May 15, 2023

Many people are confused on which term to identify or describe and classify themselves, friends, family or others. People don't know whether to use Latino, Hispanic, or Latinx/Latine. Some labels may have...

 Mt. Vernon’s girls leading in the girls 300 meter hurdles

Mt Vernon Track Meet

Yasmin Sustaita, MVC writer and photographer April 19, 2023

Moving: Positive or Negative?

Yasmin Sustaita, MVC writer April 11, 2023

  As someone who has moved a handful of times, I am piecing together information from my experiences and bits from online information on pros and cons of moving.   People often have...

Frankenstein’s Creature, Not Frankenstein

MVC writer April 10, 2023

Most people, upon hearing the name “Frankenstein," often end up thinking of the infamous green reanimated corpse. However, this is not the true Frankenstein from Mary Shelley's novel. The Frankenstein...

Students who wrote on a whiteboard in a teachers classroom voluntarily wrote in cursive.

Should Students Learn Cursive?

Yasmin Sustaita, MVC writer March 3, 2023

For most people living in the United States, reaching third grade was a milestone; it was the year they were taught cursive. The standard curriculum included it, and so most current teenagers and adults...

See the Difference? Contacts v Glasses

Yasmin Sustaita, MVC writer March 1, 2023

There is always an argument between glasses and contact wearers on which is the better option to improve their eyesight without pricey surgeries. Which is a better pair for eyewear? Which has more benefits?    With...

Luckily, people were able to clean up the trees and debris quickly. If they had not, the roads would not have been safe enough to drive on as quickly as they were.

Crochet vs. Knitting

Yasmin Sustaita, MVC writer and photographer February 15, 2023

Many people get crocheting and knitting mixed up. Some of these people also get upset over the fact that something they perform as a hobby is being mistaken for something they believe to be too easy. So,...

Decision Making in the Brain

Yasmin Sustaita, MVC writer January 9, 2023

Decision making is one of those challenges everyone ends up running into. Whether it be just picking out what to wear, what to read or even in the more challenging decisions like what to major in, or job...

Tick Tick Boom Review

Yasmin Sustaita, MVC writer and photographer January 8, 2023

I recently watched “Tick Tick Boom,” a Netflix original film, because of  its one year anniversary of being out on Netflix. After the film first came out on Netflix, TikTok was overrun with several...

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