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The MV Current

The MV Current

DIY muscle tee

Joan Lee, MVC Features and Reviews Editor

May 13, 2019

Since Indiana is finally beginning to get out of its winter-during-spring phrase, it is time to get out of long sleeves and sweaters. This is where muscle tees come in. However, if you do not own any muscle tees, it is very simple to create your own DIY muscle tee. The supplies needed are a T-shir...

Featured summer sports galleries

Girl Soccer players leaning against a brick wall

MVC Staff

August 29, 2017


Summer recap

Emme Longman, Staff Writer

September 2, 2016

This summer was a filled to the brim with events, good and bad. “The summer was a 7 on the scale of bad,” said Samantha Hanson, 12. This summer, the long-awaited Olympics have come and gone. At the end of the Olympics, the American swim team has won 33 medals overall, 16 being gold. Gymnas...