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The MV Current

Why I Believe Flipped Classrooms Do Not Work

Gabe Rentfrow, MVC writer November 21, 2022

A flipped classroom is a type of teaching style where instead of teaching the students in class, the teacher assigns notes as homework, reviews the notes, and allows for skill practice during class time....

Mr. Pagano is Mr. Pa-gone-o

Allison Yoder, MVC Staff Reporter April 9, 2019

Seven weeks of a quarter is a long time for a teacher to be gone from school. However, if there is the right substitute to fill in, then it makes the situation easier for both the teacher and the students....

Students in a classroom

Class sizes @ MV

Emme Longman, MVC Editor-in-Chief October 25, 2018

According to the Mt. Vernon Corporation, the average number of students in classes has been determined to be 25. I know that the number raises more than a few eyebrows for students and teachers alike....

Students by desks.

8th grade leaves the high school

Rex Snow, MVC News Editor August 21, 2018

The school year has just begun and yet there are still some people who have yet to be in the right place. Not all of the 8th graders are in the middle school. The new classrooms for the middle school are...

Take a shot at this fun class

Take a shot at this fun class

Claire Dorsch, Editor in Chief May 12, 2017

Photography I and II are classes available for students to take after Introduction to 2D and 3D art. They are taught by Mrs. Hurst, who also teaches Intro as well as Drawing I and II. It is a wonderful...

Crazy classes

Crazy classes

Keiko Kreklau, MVC Staff Reporter February 15, 2017

“Why so early?” “Already?”  “I barely know this year’s classes!”  These are just a few of the many reactions one could hear in Mt. Vernon classrooms as finals’ week yipped at the calendar's...

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