College and Career Readiness at MVHS

Makayla Faulk, MVC writer and photographer

Advanced Placement classes, also known as AP classes, are advanced, college-level courses offered by the College Board. They are taught in high schools and are generally regarded to be as difficult as freshman-level college courses. As of this year, Mt. Vernon offers a plethora of AP classes, but beginning with the 2023-2024 school year, the district plans to drop some of the AP classes and move to courses offered through Ivy Tech. These are called Dual Credit classes. They also offer classes through Indiana University that are called ACP.


Mt. Vernon offers AP classes in Math, Science, History, English, Art, and World Language. For Math, Mt. Vernon has AP Statistics and AP Calculus. Mt. Vernon also has history courses such as AP European History, AP US History, AP Government, and AP Psychology. This year they also had Dual Credit US History and Government. Additionally, they offer AP Physics 1. They have had other AP courses in the past such as AP Biology and AP Chemistry, but this year Physics 1 was the only course they had. For English, Mt Vernon has AP Literature and Composition and AP Language and Composition. Mt. Vernon also has AP Art and AP Spanish. According to Mr. Wilkerson, the assistant principal at Mt Vernon High School, they are currently trying to add Dual Credit Mandarin through Butler.


The AP tests vary in configuration and length but are generally three hours long. All the tests are different though. For example, English tests have three essay questions and one multiple-choice section while history exams have document-based questions, multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, long essay questions, and other styles depending on what type of class it is. ACP and Dual Credit courses base credits on the year-long or semester-long course work as opposed to basing all knowledge of the topic on a single test.


Some AP classes are more challenging than others though. According to

AP Psychology is ranked as one of the easier AP exams while the Physics exams are the hardest. 


Taking college-level classes, no matter if they are ACP, AP, or Dual Credit, allows students to earn college credit before they go to college. Most colleges accept AP scores of a 3 or higher for credit. Although some colleges may not take the credits at all, students learn valuable skills in AP classes that will help them succeed in college. All state schools in Indiana legally have to take credits if they are earned through either Dual Credit or ACP programs so those are guaranteed.


Additionally, Mt Vernon offers career readiness programs such as health science, criminal justice, aviation, and welding. These courses offer dual credit and industry-standard certifications that will transfer to either the workforce immediately after high school or additional schooling. Mt Vernon strives to offer a wide array of classes to their students and help them prepare for life after high school, no matter the college or career path they choose.