MVHS Lip Dub 2023

Addison Stiller, MVC photographer

Picture of 4 students in the hallway preparing for lip dub
A lip dub is a video where teams of students lip sync to a few seconds of a song. This year’s lip dub was filmed on the 3rd of May.
Picture of 4 students doing their dance for the lip dub.
The students were able to choose what song they wanted to sing and dance to. The groups created dances to go with their songs.
Photo of students dancing behind the moving camera.
To film the video, there were students with a large, moving camera. They rolled the camera down the hallway as performers went in front and students stayed to the side.
Picture of students lining the hallways to watch the lip dub.
The trailer and full video of the lip dub are out. They have been edited and fully filmed. The video is on Youtube. Here is the link: