NF New Album: HOPE

Gabe Rentfrow, MVC writer

On April 17, 2023, NF released a new album named “Hope” which gained over 200,000 listens in the first twenty four hours.

In NF’s new album, he released eleven songs: “Hope,” “Happy,” “Mama,” “Pandemonium,” “Motto,” “Gone,” “Suffice,” “Bullet,” “Turn My Back,” “Mistake” and “Let Them Pray.” Of those, “Motto” and “Hope” were pre-released to build hype for his new album since he had not released a new album since 2021. 

The general message for this album was hope for the future; the inspiration for this hope is due to his marriage in 2018 to his girlfriend, Brigette, and his two year old son Beckham. Since his child was born, he is more concerned with his child’s future, since his childhood was worse than most people’s.

 In his new songs, he worries for his family. In “Hope” he says, “I just don’t want him to grow up thinking that he’ll never be enough.” In “Bullet” he speaks of his wife and how their marriage has affected him, saying, ”You changed my life and gave me love when I had none to offer.” After his marriage with Brigette, he began going to therapy, which impacted his music. His songs became less hardcore rap and more emotional rap.

He collaborated with other artists on two of his songs. In his song “Careful,” he collaborated with Cordae, an American artist who gained popularity by remixing and collaborating with other artists such as Eminem. His other collaboration, “Gone,” in which he worked with American songwriter and singer, Julia Michales. Michales has worked with other popular artists such as Justin Bieber and Britney Spears.

I found that NF’s  music has changed a lot since his last album; while his lyrics used to fit in with a dark and depressed vibe, talking about how his mother ruined his life, or how he had been feeling suicidal, it has now changed to an apology to his mother, happiness and worry for his future with his family, and how he freed himself from depression after going to therapy. His music has changed also; he used to release songs with heavy, dark and brooding beats, but he has now changed to beats with a pop feel and a lighter rap beat.

In total, I feel that NF’s new album has been a success. His song “Motto” hit top of the charts on March 18, 2023, and has changed his perception and style of music, which is not something most artists do.