The Livery


The Livery’s complementary Tres Leches birthday dessert.

Susanna Gates, MVC writer and photographer

 High-end dining with a Latin American flare. That is the main concept of The Livery, an upscale restaurant located in Noblesville, Indiana. They feature a wide variety of Latin American cuisine, with items like empanadas and green chile lamb. The Livery offers a unique dining experience, unlike any other restaurant near it.

The ambiance of the restaurant was calm and clean. It is a great place for special occasions, such as birthday dinners. However, with the slightly elevated prices, I would say the target clientele is well-established adults. I found the restaurant very intriguing, because it is unlike any restaurant near it that offers Latin American cuisine. The upscale vibe gives it a very lavish feel. 

The food was very tasty. I started off my dining with lamb and queso empanadas. Everyone in my group enjoyed them. They were traditional and very delicious. For my main course, I got paella. It consists of shrimp, scallop, chorizo fried rice, serrano hot sauce and ancho salsa. While the dish was very enjoyable, it did only come with one scallop and I would have liked to have at least two, considering the price was $24. Other people in my party got an assortment of tacos, green chile lamb and a beet salad. They all thoroughly enjoyed their meals.

The restaurant did give me a complimentary birthday dessert, which was very generous. I chose to get their tres leches cake topped with strawberries. It was extremely rich and decadent. I highly recommend trying something off the dessert menu. 

Overall, the experience was very enjoyable. I think The Livery is a great place to go for a celebration with friends, or even for something like an anniversary dinner. 

The Green Chile Lamb, artfully served in a skillet.
A light and refreshing beet salad at the restaurant that contains carrot, pistachio, cherry, queso fresco, and a cherry vinaigrette.
A view of the bar and dining area from a dining table.