Best Soccer Balls of 2023

Gabe Rentfrow, MVC writer

 Soccer is a very diverse sport and the balls are no different, meaning each type of ball brings a certain quality for its users. There are different balls for indoor and outdoor competitions and practice.

The best ball to use for outdoor soccer games is the Nike Premier League Flight Ball. This ball comes from the premier league, a group of twenty leagues such as Manchester United F.C and Liverpool F.C, which consist of the highest ranking players in the world  The Flight Ball is used for outdoor use. It is made of synthetic rubber to give it better grip in all conditions including rain, which may seem inconsequential, but when a ball gets wet it has less traction and kicks are less accurate. The exterior design also has specifically implantented grooves to help the ball keep an accurate path during windier conditions. The ball gives players and fans better tracking in darker or foggier conditions. Compared to other balls of its price range, at $161.00, the ball is a great pick, since most others don’t have as many special modifications to aid its users.

The best ball to use for indoor soccer is the Nike Futsal Ball. Futsal is a soccer ball that is specifically used for indoor soccer. Those balls have an internal structure that is heavier, which when kicked makes the ball fly lower than a normal soccer ball. The Nike Futsal ball is made of  a rubber and polyurethane mix which helps to weigh down the ball while giving it better traction on harder floors. This ball compared to other futsal balls has a better advantage to its user. The ball gives a better weight than other futsal balls and for its price of $41.00, it is a fairly well priced ball.

The best ball for any practice is the Adidas 2022-2023 UCL training ball. The UCL is used by many championship teams such as F.C Barcelona and Liverpool and is FIFA certified. The UCL is made of butyl meaning it will withstand more rigors and constant training than other balls that would break down quicker. Compared to other balls in its $40.00 price range it is a very professional ball, and lasts longer than balls made of polyurethane or rubber.