Air Up Water Bottle

Wyatt Hodge, MVC writer

Air Up is a water bottle brand that provides flavored water, but with a twist: there is no added flavoring to these bottles. They add the flavor through scent pods. All Air Up water bottles have a unique design with an angled top and a slot for the scent pod. When someone drinks out of the water bottle the scent goes through the straw with the water and the smell tricks their brain into believing they are drinking flavored water. This way they are drinking regular old water, but they taste whatever flavor they have chosen.
They offer a variety of water bottles and flavors; including lemon, cherry, wild berry, cucumber, and more. All the pods can be used interchangeably by simply replacing the one on the bottle, leaving no residual scent behind to interfere with the new pod. They offer a plastic 22 ounce bottle and two metal bottles, one metal bottle holding 16 ounces and the other 28 ounces. Using their online store I purchased a 28 ounce bottle starter set, which contained the bottle and three lemon pods. I also purchased a favorite five variety pack of pods.
The way the flavoring works is that when the scent pod is pulled up on the bottle and engaged, it pulls air bubbles into the straw with each sip and it is in these bubbles that the flavor comes from. Roughly 80% of taste is from smell so with this and a nifty trick called retronasal smelling, the Air Up bottles trick consumer’s brains into thinking that they are drinking flavored water.
The Air Up brand is also concerned with sustainability. From the box that the bottle comes in to the pods and the packaging they come in, everything is all recyclable. Their website boasts that their pods are 99% more transport efficient and use 88% less plastic than single-use flavored water drinks. The bottles are also made of modular parts, so if something breaks only that part needs to be replaced.
I purchased an Air Up bottle myself. I will admit that it was a late night purchase inspired by a sponsored youtube video, but it is the best impulse purchase I have ever made. I have always tried to drink more water and although I have had mild success, I always end up wanting something sweeter or tastier. With my Air Up bottle I am not only drinking much more water everyday, it is also the only thing I am drinking each day. Whenever I get bored of the flavor and find myself wanting something else, all I have to do is switch the scent pod and continue drinking healthy water. All of the flavors I have tried so far have been great and if I had not known the trick already I would have sworn it was flavored water.
Air Up offers a unique and fascinating product that I highly recommend for anyone wanting to drink more water in their daily life. Drinking water is an important part of staying healthy and Air Up offers a solution for people struggling to drink more water. Consumers drinking water can know that they are both being healthier and supporting sustainability efforts with Air Up.