Benefits of Having Xbox Gamepass

Keith Ellington, MVC writer and photographer

I have had my “Xbox Series X” for about a year now. I love the console and all its features, but there is one subscription that, in my opinion, carries the Xbox’s lifespan: Xbox Gamepass. The subscription comes with over 100 games to play from across Xbox’s history. It also gives players perks for certain games, and game coins, which are a currency earned through unlocking achievements in games that can be used in Microsoft Rewards. I believe any player of the Xbox consoles should pay for and experience Xbox Gamepass.

There is so much to play on Gamepass. From old releases like “Mass Effect 2,” to newer games coming like “Atomic Heart.” Gamepass also has every genre of game imaginable. Gamepass makes it very easy to find these games too, as they are categorized based on genre. There are a handful of games that players can even play right then and there with a feature called “Cloud Gaming.”  Cloud gaming allows players to play a game without downloading it to their console. This is useful as I can play a game and see how much I like it. If I do not like it, you can just stop playing it without even downloading it. Simple as that. 

I really recommend this to anyone trying to get into lots of games, new and old. Xbox Gampass is $14.99 a month, but I think its a fair price for what players get from it.