Current State of Destiny 2

Keith Ellington, MVC writer and photographer

I am bored with the first person shooter game Destiny 2. I played the first Destiny and I played Destiny 2 close to when they first came out. I followed the game for a long time now, but these past few years, I have been on and off with the game. 

The gameplay has become unplayable in my opinion. At first, I liked the grind I did in order to get things I want, but now, some items in the game have become tedious to me as there is only so much players can do in the game.

Another problem with the game is that the developers of the game, Bungie, are underselling everything. I bought their expansion pack, Destiny 2: Lightfall, and it was just trash. The story of the expansion made no sense. I did not like the season it came with at all. I like strand, but if Bungie just put Strand in the Witch Queen Expansion, it would make a whole lot more sense. Witch Queen was the best expansion in the entirety of Destiny 2’s lifespan. 

My last complaint with the game is the community. I know, a lot of communities are toxic but 

Destiny 2’s community is something else. My first issue is veteran players. Instead of helping new players, they put them down and refuse to play with players who have not been playing the game for years. They are very rude and love to brag about how much loot they have verses how much new players have. Players of Destiny 2 also complain a lot. Now, I know I just complained about the game, but this is very different. Anything that comes out, no matter what it is, they will find something to complain about. It is very annoying and kind of embarrassing to call myself a Guardian alongside those people.

Overall, this game is mid. Do I still play it? Yes. Although I do not recommend this game to anyone.