Flaws of Modern Society

Garrett Brown, MVC writer and photographer

The world is corrupt. The current systems are designed to let powerful people gain more power and force weaker people to become weaker. I believe I have concocted a better, less corrupt form of society. Admittedly, it is not perfect, but it is significantly better than the abomination of a system that is currently used in the United States of America.

First, let money be removed from the equation. It is completely and utterly worthless. In exchange for goods and services, people should trade goods and services of equal value. One response to this might be to ask what motivation people will have to do anything. They should be motivated by the fact that it is necessary because everybody depends on it. This does rely on an absence of greed and a presence of responsibility. Capitalism is built on the principle that everybody begins with an equal opportunity, but let us be honest; Jeff Bezos’s children will have more opportunities than a homeless person’s children. With money out of the way, there would not be any incentive to continue using products that do very little other than pollute the environment. Health care would not be a problem for anybody living in the US, and inflation would cease to exist.

There do not need to be so many laws and societal rules. I am not suggesting that we adopt a system of true anarchy, but any rules that are not common sense (i.e. speed limits, violence prevention, elicit substance regulation, etc.) are completely unnecessary. Why is this even in Times New Roman? Why is that considered the standard? Why is it unable to be Acme or perhaps Comic Sans MS? The latter was specifically designed to be very easy to read, and it completely fulfills that requirement; not to mention that it is appealing to the eyes in my opinion.

Another big issue is racism. There are laws in place to help eliminate the racial discrimination. The problem is that there are loopholes built into those laws, and such workarounds are not being closed by members of the legislating bodies of the world. There would not even need to be such laws if everybody treated each other with basic respect.

I believe schools are a big problem that urgently needs to be addressed. I understand that everybody needs to learn how to read and write. Everybody needs to know basic mathematics. An effective education system could be finished teaching that by the end of middle school. This does not mean that we should eliminate high schools, though; they have an important purpose, too. People should spend high school learning how to fulfill their plans for after graduation.

For example, I plan to build and invent things. Therefore, I should spend my time gaining experience through building and inventing. I would like to have children in the future, but all standard health classes say to practice abstinence and wear a condom; it is great advice for people who do not want descendants, but it is not helpful to people who want offspring. Students should also be taught how to preserve their mental health before they spiral into burnout like me.

In general, society is designed specifically to put neurodivergent people at a significant disadvantage. People who are labeled “gifted kids” when they are young never learn how to study, which sets them up for failure as they enter middle or high school. People with autism and/or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are forced to mask their symptoms to avoid being shunned by their peers, thus causing chronic fatigue and depression from forcing a false personality and feeling like their true self is not good enough for anybody. People with ADHD are often prone to frequent changes in interests. A simple solution for this is to allow such people to frequently change what they do for a living, but society has been constructed to make this process long and complex.

To make things even worse, many people imply that depressed people are to blame. A question often asked while evaluating a person’s mental health is “Do you believe the world would be better without you?” but it is usually the opposite. They believe that they would be better off without the world. The people who should be blamed are the ones that are actually at fault for the state of the world.

Common sense is a misnomer. Such sense is quite rare among those who are content with and helped shape modern society. Restructuring society would help remove, or at least alleviate, the overwhelming quantity of corruption present today.