Newfields Art Museum

Addison Stiller, MVC photographer

The Newfields art museum is a wonderful place to observe art from all over the world. There are many forms of artwork including sculptures, paintings, and installations. The museum has both an inside and outside section, with various items in both.
The inside of the building is full of artworks in different exhibits. There are multiple floors of displays. The exhibits each have their own theme, showing pieces from different cultures and time periods in different rooms. In this photo, the artwork shows a landscape with cows in the foreground.
Specific rooms have been created for specific kinds of pieces. Some rooms have a lot of smaller works and some have a few large works. This artwork is an intricate tapestry with a large design on it. It is very detailed and shows a scene of people on boats.
One of the rooms is an exhibit with a unique experience. It is an area designed like an old building. There is a projector on the roof with a video of different clips of the museum and designs.
The room shows pictures of the museum, outer space, different textures, and designs. There is also timed music accompanying the video. It is great for visitors to hang out and calm down. There are chairs and furniture for guests to sit on.
The museum has escalators to get from floor to floor. The bottom floor is covered in sculptures and installations. People can see them from the balconies on each floor. The walls also have designs and artworks on them as well.