Moving: Positive or Negative?

Yasmin Sustaita, MVC writer


As someone who has moved a handful of times, I am piecing together information from my experiences and bits from online information on pros and cons of moving.


People often have to move at least once in their life, whether it be as a kid, moving into a new home, or as a young adult spreading their wings and setting off into the world to begin their new independent life. People typically move for relationships, work related opportunities or just for the scenery. But what are the pros and cons of moving, and should you even move?


  As a kid, many look around their neighborhood or school in search of finding friends that they may tend to stick with later on in life. However, countless moves may cause them to give up on trying to create new connections. This may leave the kid independent, but very antisocial, in later years. Not only that, but as time ticks by in life, one of people’s most used conversation starters is how high school or college was for them. For people who had no one in either, they may not have had a very intriguing or fun story to tell about their former school years. Not only that, but those who typically have not made any lasting connections with anyone may isolate themselves and struggle later on trying to even communicate with others as a whole. Additionally, most young people who already have their cliques and groups tend to tease and/or torment those who are new or even just alone.


However, there are some positives to moving. For example, people who are very extroverted may enjoy the challenge of making new friends over and over. They may also enjoy getting to see new sights/people. An additional benefit to moving is that people may receive a fresh start to who they are and could be. For creative people, moving into a new environment allows them to recreate or design their new room again.


Moving on later in life seems personally a little easier than moving around early in life. As people move on later in life, they already tend to have friends and the possibility of seeing them more easily and often without needing a parent or guardian to assist them in hanging out with their friends. Another thing, when people move later on in life, they typically want and try to move in an area they enjoy or plan on working around/near. When they are older, normally there is more they can do in an area they have not been in before, unlike when they’re young and trapped down by what they can do/where they can go and explore.


In the end, it is the adult’s decision on whether or not to move. They can decide for themselves if they want to stay in the home they have now surrounded by people they’ve gotten to know and the scenery they have gotten used to, or they can explore a new place with new people and craft their home there. As that notable quote says, “Home is where the heart is.”