The Last of Us Review

Ryleigh Hinkle, MVC writer and photographer

“The Last of Us” is a game that has recently been turned into a show on HBO. The show came out on January 15 and they released a new episode every Sunday. It is produced by Greg Spence and features Pedro Pascal as the main character, who is named Joel.
The video game was released in 2013 and was created by the game studio Naughty Dog. The show is centered around a type of fungi that, in the games, can take over people’s bodies and turn them into zombie-like creatures, better known as the “Infected.” There is also a stronger kind of the Infected that are known as “Clickers,” which are called that because they make a clicking noise when they “speak.”
The show starts off with a normal day for Joel and his daughter, Sarah. Sarah wakes to the sound of helicopters and shooting, so she starts to investigate. She goes to her neighbor’s house and ses her old neighbor is infected, and is shocked by the sight. At that moment her dad and her uncle, Tommy, arrive at the scene. They were all very confused, but thankfully, they have a car. With this car they tried to find a way out.
After many tragedies, Joel is now alone and inside of a un-infected place. He does not like being there, but he cannot leave, as all people who leave get hanged for breaking the rules. Joel is also trying to get parts for a car so that he can find his brother, who he lost track of earlier. He was somewhat successful. until he realized that his car battery was sold. He and his friend, Tess, then start searching for the battery when they find the place that the “Fireflies” stay in. The Fireflies are a group of people that work against the government organization running the compound. He and Tess are now told to transfer this girl named Ellie, who is said to be very special to the Fireflies, in return for guns and food.
In the following episodes it goes through Joel and Ellie’s, the girl Joel is having to take care of, journey to get to this camp. They have to go through tons of places and along the way they meet new people, these people help Joel and Ellie get where they need to be. Joel is searching for Tommy and is very worried about him, but Ellie has nothing to look forward to.
This show has both action and horror and is a very good dystopian style show. The show is very good, and is similar to how the game is. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars so far, and definitely recommend it to people who liked the game or enjoy these kinds of shows.