Apex Legends Mobile Sunrising

Gabe Rentfrow, MVC writer

Apex Legends Mobile, a new game that came out last year on May 17, 2022, has recently given its players a message stating that the game will be sunrising on May 1, 2023. 

When that message was sent out to its fan-base, some players were confused at what they were seeing. 

Joseph Buchanon, a sophomore at Mt Vernon High School, said, ”My friend started texting me saying that Apex Mobile was sunrising, and I was so confused.” 

Sunrising is a term used in the gaming community to represent the fact that a game will be closing down and will no longer be accessible through any device and no purchases are allowed to be made going forward.

The community was shocked by this unexpected closure of their new favorite game. Popular streamers like heavensent_tt. and Iferg began posting videos stating their feelings on the closure.

To counter this negative outreach of their community, Respawn Entertainment, the owner of Apex Mobile, sent out  a response on Twitter. This response stated that they were razing the game due to income problems, new games on the market, and not being able to provide enough content to the game. 

One of the main reasons that Apex Mobile could not make enough income to support it was due to the fact that many new popular mobile games were released around the same time as it, including Call Of Duty Mobile and PubG Mobile. In total the game made about 40 million dollars in the first six months, and Call Of Duty Mobile made over 50 million dollars in the first month alone.

In total, Apex Mobile is sunrising due to a lack of funds, content and other new, more profitable games such as Call Of Duty Mobile and PubG mobile.