Fun Things to Do in Winter

Makayla Faulk, MVC writer

There are many fun things to do when it is cold, either indoors or outdoors. Whether people are spending time with loved ones or just having fun themselves, these activities are just a start to having a great time. 


One activity to do when it is cold is to enjoy board games with friends or family. There are several places around the city that offer board game rentals. One such place is Hitherto Coffee and Gaming Parlour. It is a coffee shop where people can rent or buy board games to try out. This is great because people can try out games before buying them and find new games they might not play otherwise.


Another thing to do when it is cold and snowy is to go sledding or tubing. There are many local places close to Mt. Vernon that are great, such as Flat Fork Creek, Fort Ben, and Paul Ruster Park.


Going to a museum can also be fun when it is too cold to be outside. There are many fun museums in downtown Indianapolis, such as The Children’s Museum, the Eiteljorg Museum, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and the NCAA Hall of Champions. Although they can be expensive, there are almost always discounted tickets to the museums.


Another great activity to do when it’s cold is ice skating. There are both indoor and outdoor rinks. Some great places to go around the Indianapolis area are the Indy Fuel Tank and Holliday Park. Indy Fuel’s rink is indoors while the Holliday Parks rink is outside.


Lastly, a visit to the Veal Ice Tree is always a fun treat. It is a tree that has ice that the Veal Insurance Agency  puts dye in so that it streams down and creates a beautiful frozen waterfall effect.They create the sculpture every year between January and March, as the weather permits.


Although it is cold out, there are still many ways to enjoy the weather, no matter if it is indoors or out.