See the Difference? Contacts v Glasses

Yasmin Sustaita, MVC writer

There is always an argument between glasses and contact wearers on which is the better option to improve their eyesight without pricey surgeries. Which is a better pair for eyewear? Which has more benefits? 


With contact lenses, wearers have to purchase the contact solution and lenses themselves for around 200-300 dollars according to CVS optical. They are stuck spending this much over and over whenever they dry out/run out. Not using enough care with contact lenses leads nowhere but a trip to the optometrist for another pair. Lenses can dry, become scratched or cracked, they can collect dirt, and they expire after a year. With this wearers can spend up to an additional 100 or 200 dollars on solution, annually. 


However, glasses also have their downfalls. Glasses can also cause great losses of money, as they average $250 without insurance. If not properly taken care of, more money may be spent on a simple piece of eyewear. Glasses can be stepped on, which can ruin the frame if the glasses are not in a safe place to be kept. These unsafe places include: the floor, buried beneath things on a desk, or in a locker. They can also endure large amounts of pesky scratches and fingerprints, which can annoy the wearer until they buy another pair.


Contacts do have benefits, though; for people who hate wearing glasses, they can wear practically invisible lenses that make it look as if the wearer are not wearing anything at all, yet still provide the wearer with improved eyesight. They also may be easier to transport; all the wearer has to do is place their lenses within their case and after that they can easily take their lenses with them on their trip, while glasses may suffer more damage. Another benefit affects people who are in any activities like sports or dance, they don’t have to go without their prescription, they can wear contacts so their eyesight is still improved, but they also don’t risk breaking a frame or smashing a lens.


While contacts have large benefits, I personally believe that glasses are the better option; wearers do not have to worry about the burning feeling in their eyes resulting from having trapped eyelashes or dirt particles beneath the lenses, or even a small scratch on the contact. With glasses, the only worry most have includes scratching the lens or ruining the frame. Glasses, a majority of the time, are able to be repaired, while contacts are one and done. Once they are ruined, no one can do anything about it besides replacing the pair. Not only that, but people do not have to worry they might accidentally forget their contacts overnight or when they go into a body of water like a pool or lake, risking getting tons of germs trapped within the contacts. 

Another thing with glasses is that some people just can’t handle having the contacts let alone their fingers coming so close to their eyes, thus giving them a struggle to put on lenses in a hurry for things like meetings, class, and work. Glasses are easily fashionable, there is a pair out there for anyone to enjoy and see themselves in.


Both are great options in themselves for people to improve their eyesight with. Some eyewear options do not always work well with others as they may for one person. Someone who loves wearing contacts may not feel the same if they use glasses. Use whatever feels the most comfortable and whatever is the easiest and most beneficial; after all, people created multiple different ways to improve eyesight for a reason.