JOYBA Boba Review

Ryleigh Hinkle, MVC writer

Boba is a drink that has gained lots of popularity since 2020 and I wanted to try some, so I went to Target to pick up some JOYBA Boba, which is a brand that specifically serves boba. Boba is a Taiwanese drink that normally consists of boba pearls, which are made from cooked tapioca starch and milk tea; however, there are many other kinds available to try. One of the most common flavors is Green Tea with Strawberry Lemonade Popping Boba, which is what I got. 

The packaging was very nice and had the plastic lid and straw. These straws are larger so the boba can run through it. They are the same straws boba shops normally give customers. The flavor of both the drink itself and the boba was quite delicious. However, I do recommend adding ice or putting it in the fridge before drinking because it tastes fresher that way.
The pricing of it was actually fairly good; it was ten dollars for four cups of the drink. Authentic Taiwanese places, where they make their own boba by hand, often have a higher price because of the labor, but having a more inexpensive option for people wanting to try boba is good too. One more authentic and expensive place can be found at Center Circle mall, where boba is around five dollars for a drink.

Overall, the drink was very good, and is convenient for people who love boba. They have tons of flavors, such as Raspberry Dragon Fruit and Cherry Hibiscus. I rate the Strawberry Lemonade one a seven out of ten, mainly because I prefer the milk tea over green tea. For people who love green tea this could be a big hit.