Vivienne Westwood

Ryleigh Hinkle, MVC writer

Vivienne Westwood was a fashion designer who was very talented and focused on creating less mainstream fashion. She created more punk styles and brought them into mainstream fashion. She was born on April 8, 1941 and tragically passed away on December  29th, 2022.

Westwood was born in Tintwistle, United Kingdom, and has been located in the UK since the 1970’s. She married Andreas Kronthaler in 1993. She has won several awards, including the British designer of the year. Westwood has always liked alternative styles and some people even say she invented punk clothing.

She first started designing clothes in 1971 in a small London shop with the name of “Let it Rock.” Her popularity blew up in the 70’s because of the style and personality in the clothing she made. Her more recent brand,”Vivienne Westwood,” was created in 1999. In 2020, She made around 42 million dollars. 

Her husband helped produce all of her designs. The symbol of her work, a sphere that almost resembles an orb, was made by her in 1980 and has been placed on all of her creations since then. She made thousands of clothing designs including bags, dresses and accessories.

Vivenne Westwood was an icon, and has been an inspiration to others who may have wanted to become fashion designers. She made tons of collections during her career, including the popular “On Liberty.” She was an amazing fashion designer, may she rest in peace.