Missing Review

Callie Osburn, MVC writer

Over the weekend, I watched a new movie called “Missing.” I thought this movie was very different from most movies and is completely opposite the classic movie style . The moving “Missing” is mostly filmed from the main character’s laptop as she, June, uncovers secrets about her mom’s disappearance. The movie starts with June’s mother, Grace, going on vacation with her boyfriend, Kevin Lin. 


At her mom’s request, June goes to pick up her mom from the airport, but she is not there. She calls her mom’s lawyer and long time friend, Heather. After a few days go by, June and Heather still have not heard from Grace, so they file a police report. 


When June feels that the police are not acting fast enough, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She calls the hotel her mom and her boyfriend  stayed at to see the footage and figure out when they checked out. She figures out that the film erases every 60 hours, so it turns out to be no use.


After this dead end, the police finally have information helpful to June. As horrible as it may be, her mom was kidnaped. But after June does some personal digging, she figures out that it is not really her mom, but the woman that her mom’s boyfriend was cheating on her with.


After a few plot developments, the viewers find out that June’s mom changed her name, and her real name is hidden by a court spenia. The media starts to suspect that maybe June’s mom, Grace, is hiding something.


 I really loved the way this movie was filmed. It was a breath of fresh air; something new. I commend the writers about how much emotion they could convey through a computer screen. This movie is easy to digest and definitely a fun watch. The only negative comment I have is how predictable the plot was. I understand that the directors were trying to appeal to all audiences and not make it too hard to understand, but this made it feel childish at some parts because it’s predictable. Overall I would say it’s not something people HAVE to watch but if you had time and were looking for something fun and trendy I would definitely recommend it and give it ⅗ stars.