Student Council Scavenger hunt

Callie Osburn, MVC writer

A senior, Bryce Gray, hoping to win the scavenger hunt
(Abby Bates)

In celebration for the girls’ and boys’ basketball teams Homecoming games, the members of student council set up activities for fundraising for the school. One of the activities was a school wide scavenger hunt, set up by the sophomore class representatives.


The scavenger hunt consisted of finding pictures of players on Mt. Vernon’s basketball team that could be redeemed for different point amounts. The pictures were hidden throughout the school. The winning prize was a gift card to Chick-fil-A 


Although there were many activities during homecoming, the scavenger hunt was fully led by the sophomores. The student advisor, Mr. Anderson said that all of the planning and executing was done by the students. Mr. Anderson said that he was proud of how it turned out.


One of the students, Evan Kloc, thinks that the scavenger hunt went well. Kloc said that he would like to see the school do an event similar to this in the future. Klock also said that he thinks everything ran pretty smoothly, but he would like to see it span over a week next time. The student council has discussed plans for a future even where an item would be hidden and the first person to find it would get a prize.


Overall, the scavenger hunt will likely occur again next year.