M3GAN Review

Bri'An Ashley, MVC Writer

Imagine having an artificially intelligent doll that looks scarily similar to a real life girl. Now imagine it is programmed to be the best companion. That sounds like a great horror idea, right? Well this is the premise of the sci-fi horror movie “M3GAN,” and the hype around it is not justified.


“M3GAN” was written by Akela Cooper and directed by Gerard Johnstone, and the main actors include Allison Williams, Violet McGraw, and Amie Donald. 


The main reason I believe that the “M3GAN” was not as good as it seemed was due to the execution. The director of the movie seemed to have the right idea, but just executed it the wrong way. The plot of the movie was repetitive, as well as the fact that the CGI looked fake. I was expecting a lot more than what was delivered such as a more thrilling plot, originality in character backstories and development, and overall better acting. I just got bored in the middle of watching it.


The overall movie was not horrible, but it felt like I was watching a horror movie that Disney or Nickelodeon produced. It was like a few of the actors, like Johnny Chieng, who played as the character David didn’t get into their role enough for it to feel real. It also felt as if the director was trying to somehow censor the movie with the murders looking fake and the speedrun through the backstory of the characters, such as the little girl who is one of the main characters, Cady.


One thing about the movie is that the CGI is a bit confusing. By that I mean that the doll, who is M3gan, looked very real, but the very few murders she committed seemed rushed and low budget, which made them look fake. I personally cannot stand to watch a movie that has low budget CGI, as it just ruins the overall vibe of the movie for me.


I’d rate it a 5/10 overall, mostly because of the overused plot and the cheap CGI. Other than that, I think it would have been a hit movie if the team working on the film put more money and creativity into it.