Sparkling ICE Review

Bri'An Ashley, MVC writer

Sparkling ICE is a brand of carbonated water that comes in multiple flavors. The flavors sold at Mount Vernon High school include Coconut Pineapple, Peach Nectarine, Classic Lemonade, Kiwi Strawberry, Berry Lemonade and Black Raspberry. I will be reviewing these flavors, rating them out of ten and ranking them.

Starting with Classic Lemonade as a 10/10. This might be my favorite out of all of the ICE drinks, as it is not only simple and refreshing, but also something that I am familiar with. It tastes like a lemonade that I would get freshly made from a takeout place. I personally think it tastes like sprite, but that may just be me.

Following up is Peach Nectarine, which I rate as a 9.8/10. The drink lives up to its name and has a perfect combination of both the peach and nectarine flavors. It is sweet, which is something I prefer when drinking beverages and leaves a slight tangy aftertaste, which I personally love.

Berry Lemonade would have to be rated as a 9/10. It tastes like a mixture of strawberries and lemonade, and it tastes quite tangy to me. It is such a simple flavor, yet it stands out so much to me. It is a nice drink, and I enjoyed it.

After that is, Black Raspberry which earned a 7.5/10. I can barely taste the flavor over the carbonation, like it is being overpowered by it, which is a downside, but it is still a nice and refreshing drink.

Next in line would be Kiwi Strawberry, which I rate as a 6/10. It does not taste much like kiwi, but that may be because kiwi does not have a very strong taste in general. I also don’t taste much strawberry, just a basic carbonated, fruity concoction. It is still tasty though, and I would definitely get it again if other flavors were not available.

Lastly, Coconut Pineapple, I rate it a 4/10. The drink has more of a coconut taste than pineapple. The drink is quite strong, and the flavor hits me immediately. I personally do not enjoy the way coconut flavored food and drinks taste because I just do not like coconut in general, which is part of why it was rated so low. For people who do enjoy coconut flavored drinks, it would be right up their alley.

These drinks are nice to buy at lunch not only because they taste good, but also because of the prices, and calories. It is $1.50 a bottle, which seems like a reasonable price to me, and it is also only five calories. I purchase a bottle for myself everyday and it usually lasts me the rest of the school day. That way, I don’t have to go without anything to drink throughout the rest of the day. Along with that, I personally think that ICE has a strong variety of flavors for people of different tastes to have and I enjoy this brand a lot.