XBox Series X Review

Keith Ellington, MVC writer

I have had the Xbox Series X (XBSX) for about three months now and it is still just as fun as when I got it. I have played many types of games like “Fortnite,” “Apex Legends,” “Halo Infinite,” “High on Life,” and “Elden Ring.” I have had lots of experience with the console, such as meeting new friends and playing different types of games. I will forever love the XBSX.
The features on the console are really cool. There are lots of settings that help with players’ experience. I love that I can change the button mappings so that I can play games how I want to play them. I also really like the fact that I can do something called a quick resume where I can switch games in three seconds. Playing the game how I wanted to before.
I still hate how Microsoft refuses to make controllers with built-in rechargeable batteries. It’s annoying and I had to buy an elite pro controller just to get that feature. This has been an ongoing thing in Xbox’s history. I think it must stop at some point.
Probably, the best thing about the XBSX is that the games look incredible. I cannot express how often I just sit back in games and admire the scenery of them. A great example of this is “Cyberpunk 2077.” This game is set in the future of 2077 and everything is high-tech and colorful. The city is a bright light show, and I just love finding a big hill and looking at the city from my virtual car. The graphics are the main reason why I chose the XBSX in the first place.
So, after three months of the XBSX, would I change my mind about buying it? No, not at all. It has a great game selection and pros to the console, I recommend it to any gamer or wannabe gamer.