Apex Legend Series

Gabe Rentfrow, MVC writer

Apex Legend’s newest season, Eclipse, released last year, on November 1, 2022, and has added many new changes to the game. Respawn Entertainment has added a new character, battle pass, a new map and many new skins.

Catalyst, the newest legend to the game is a game changer. Her passive trait allows her to block doors, making them impenetrable for a couple seconds, giving players enough time to heal or make a quick escape. Her tactical piercing spikes create a spike path using her ferrofluid to slow and damage enemies. Her ultimate, Dark Veil, creates a massive wall of ferrofluid which blinds, slows, and harms enemies that get stuck in it, making them easy targets for the catalysis’ team.

Apex’s newest map, Broken Moon, is as great as its newest legend. The map is smaller than other maps, like World´s Edge and Olympus, which means that players will get more combat action and will not have to run around the map looking for targets. The map also includes the new zip rails, which let players get from one area to the next quicker than ever.

Some other new additions to the game include new guns in the crafter, like the Peacekeeper and the Spitfire, and the new addition to send other players in game currency and cosmetics.

In total, the new season is very good; players have been looking forward to the new season for some time, and it seems Apex Legend delivered.