Smart Animals

Duncan Schiller, MVC writer

Over the course of evolution, many intelligent creatures other than humans were created. In fact, some of them even have brains that rival a human’s. Many of these animals may not seem like much, but are far more advanced than people may think.
Dolphins, for example, are known to communicate with each other. Dolphins have amazing problem solving skills, and they even save people from sharks. They also care for other members of their group called a pod. If a dolphin is injured or sick, others will stay with it to care for it until it is healthy again. Also, their hearing is so good that they could lose their eyesight and still live a pretty much normal life. Additionally, they have large brains; larger than the human one. However, that brain size does not necessarily mean that they are smarter.
Another example of intelligent aquatic life is the octopus. Some octopuses have a camouflaging ability, so they can sneak up on prey and hide from predators. The ability to control their body to mimic another surface is already amazing, but they also have been shown to be capable of opening jars. These creatures are also known to create dens for themselves where they can store food and take shelter. In studies, it has been found that octopuses have amazing problem-solving skills.
One surprisingly smart animal is the crow, and their cousin, the raven. Ravens show that they have problem-solving skills, and they also seem to be able to communicate locations and times. They can also learn what unequal trade is, when interacting with humans. In a lab experiment, they cooperated more often with scientists that gave them better food. In the wild, they also tend to not work with ravens that do not pull their weight in group efforts. Surprisingly, they also have been observed sliding down snow banks for no reason, but it was also possible that they were playing.
The reason these animals have not created a civilization like people is because they lack one major feature: opposable thumbs. Maybe one day these intelligent animals, like humans, will evolve and form their own societies, but only time will tell. So for the time being, at least, humanity is staying on top.