Bonsai Fortville


Bonsai, temporarily closed due to the fire

Isabelle Hernandez, MVC writer and photographer

On December 31st, 2022 around 11 pm, Bonsai Fortville caught fire. The fire department appeared on Main Street after receiving calls informing them of the smoke engulfing the strip of shops. As the smoke was in the general area of the shops and did not seem to be emitting from one particular section, they had to rush to figure out the source. After determining that it was coming from Bonsai, firefighters quickly moved to extinguish it.
Many surrounding shops such as M and J Firearms, Loft 18, Fortville Music Garage and Studio Esthetics, suffered from the fire as well. The buildings are all connected and most of them have fire, soot, smoke or water damage. Many shops have had to replace equipment, and some have temporarily closed due to repairs.
Tim Breunig, the owner of Bonsai Fortville, thanked the firefighters that were on site that night and, on his social media accounts for Bonsai Fortville, said he was glad no employees were hurt. Unfortunately, Bonsai’s fish Swim Shady and his girlfriend, unnamed, did not survive the fire.
Breunig’s daughter, Rachel Breunig, has started a Go Fund Me account to pay the employees, as they are unable to be paid while Bonsai is closed. There is currently no information on a reopening.

Bonsai, temporarily closed due to the fire
Bonsai’s storefront, located in downtown Fortville, is boarded up
The back door area has the most visible damage from the fire