Abby Bates, MVC writer and photographer

Cosmetology is made up of many things. The most well-known is hair, but other aspects of cosmetology include nails, makeup, and waxing. Hair is very popular in the cosmetology industry; many people who enter the field go towards major hair. 

There are many hairstyles and hair colors. As for hairstyles, there are French braids, Dutch braids, half up half down, twist, pigtails, and more. 

As for makeup, many people a

Showing off the twisted french braid from the side
Showing off the twisted french braid from the back

re unaware that there are professional makeup artists, mostly due to the fact that it is tough to become a well-known makeup artist. Many start on social media, to put their work out there, but it takes months, if not years, even to be acknowledged.

 The makeup styles are endless. There are natural, Sy-Fi, glam, Matte, Airbrush, HD, and many others. It is very hard to break into the professional world of makeup. Most makeup artists start their careers with makeup tutorials. After that, they go to make their very own YouTube videos or make a TikTok account. From there, it is all about faith and not giving up.

Nails, unlike makeup, are a more beginner-friendly introduction to cosmetology. Nail artists are very well-known, and careers can start just by applying at a nail salon. Lots of women get their nails done at least once every two weeks. Nail technicians can make between 28k to 38k a year. They have a wide selection of nails that customers can get, including acrylic, soft set, gel, manicure, pedicure, or regular nail polish. 

Waxing, on the other hand, costs little, so only a few cosmetologists only wax. Most prices for waxing range from $15-$50. Customers can get an armpit, legs, thighs, Brazilian, mustache, eyebrows, arms, stomach, back, or other waxing styles. Most cosmetologists who wax often specialize in nails as well. Waxing can make about 35k a year, especially if the waxer is also a nail technician, but it takes a lot of time and effort to do both.