Interview with Mrs. Miller


Abby Bates

Mrs. Miller smiling for the camera

Gabe Rentfrow, MVC writer

Mrs. Miller, a history teacher at Mount Vernon High School, has been teaching some new classes. Her schedule changed due to teachers leaving MVHS.
Mrs. Miller was born on February eighteenth 1976, and she went to college at. Before teaching at schools, she taught at a prison from 1999 to 2003 where the rules were stricter than most schools.
Mrs. Miller has taught classes for over twenty years. She taught at Lawrence North for seventeen years before deciding to instead teach at MVHS, because she felt, “that I was doing more discipline than teaching.”
She feels that MVHS is very good and the students are very respectful. “I haven’t had a lot of problems with the students here.”
Mrs. Miller teaches a variety of history classes. She teaches AP Euro, which is an advanced course covering European history, and two world history classes which cover, as the name suggests, the history of the world. She teaches those classes using slideshows, having students take notes while she breaks down what is on the board.
She strives hard to make these classes enjoyable, since some students tend to find history classes boring and uneventful. As a result, many students have found her classes to be quiet and enjoyable.
In total, most students in her classes find her to be an excellent teacher.
Sophomore Joseph Buchanan said, “Mrs. Miller is a nice teacher, I can understand what she teaches, and she is very enjoyable.”
Her classes are well planned and she is a teacher that most students get along with.

Mrs. Miller smiling for the camera (Abby Bates)