Nike Shoe Review

Susanna Gates, MVC writer and photographer

While shoes are not usually the first thing someone notices about a person, high-end sneakers have risen in popularity over the past few years. Nike is one of the most popular brands selling these high-priced shoes. Their sneakers can range anywhere from around sixty bucks to thousands of dollars depending on the shoe. Some think it is outrageous to pay such high prices for sneakers, while others save up for months to buy these high-end shoes.
Recently, I purchased a pair of SB Dunk Lows from Nike. Their official title is the Skate Like a Girl Nike SB Dunk Low. While I am not much of a skater, I felt very drawn to these shoes as soon as I saw them in an Instagram post.
I immediately went to Stock X and purchased the pair. The shoes themselves cost $199 for a men’s size eight and a half, which is a women’s size ten. I bought the shoe in men’s sizing because the shoe is technically a “men’s” shoe. Most high-end sneakers are men’s because the sneaker field is mainly male-dominated. I think Nike was trying to empower women by placing the name ‘Like a Girl’ on a men’s shoe.
The total amount I paid for the shoes after tax, processing and shipping came out to be $237.45. While this may seem like a very steep price to some, people who regularly purchase high-end shoes know this is pretty reasonable for a good pair of Dunks.
The overall make of the shoe is quite stunning. It displays its colors of tan, white, burgundy, and ruby red beautifully. The sole of the shoe is made out of rubber and is layered with tan and then white colors. The body of the shoe itself is made out of soft suede material, which is white with burgundy stripes. The famous Nike swoosh is on top of the white and burgundy suede. It sticks out with its vibrant red color, which is also seen on the heel of the shoe in the word NIKE. The tongue of the shoe is white and made out of a sock-like material.
Under the heel of the shoe is my favorite part of its design. It is a sewn-in image of two hands interlocking. With this image, I think the shoe is attempting to take back the commonly known insult “like a girl.” To me, the hands interlocking sends a message of harmony and power.
Overall, the shoes are beautifully crafted and reasonably priced for high-end sneakers. My only complaint would be that the insoles do take a couple of wears to break in. The shoes were pretty stiff when I first got them.
It is important to do lots of research on high-end sneakers before purchasing them. If anyone is looking for a pair of shoes to start their sneaker collection I highly recommend this pair.

The side view of the ‘Skate Like A Girl’ Nike SB Dunk lows.
The front view of the SB Dunk lows with the colorful Nike box they came in.
The suede sneakers pictured with a Ghost longboard.
The SB Dunk lows crossed and layered, displaying their ruby red Nike swoosh.