The Flu

Garrett Brown, MVC writer and photographer

This autumn, Mount Vernon High School put on a production of Mamma Mia! As the cast was rehearsing and the crew was preparing, some members of the cast contracted illnesses such as influenza and coronavirus. Unaware that they had become diseased, they accidentally spread their sicknesses to the crew.

Though covid is still a major problem, the flu is also around and very dangerous. The viruses have many similarities, such as transmission through its hosts’ respiratory process, being effectively prevented by yearly vaccinations, and causing its hosts to be utterly miserable throughout the duration of their affliction.

The similarities with covid are not the only things that make influenza dangerous. While the body works to fight off that virus, it becomes susceptible to other diseases. Depending on the severity of the illness, the lungs can become irritated from all of the inevitable coughing, and that irritation can cause more coughing that causes more irritation. It becomes a vicious cycle.

The best thing to do if a person begins showing symptoms of the flu is to get tested. It could be the flu, covid, a common cold, or a multitude of other respiratory illnesses. People’s symptoms are not always the same, and some people are asymptomatic carriers of these diseases. If the test returns positive, the person should isolate themself and follow any instructions from their doctor. The next best thing to do is wearing a mask and suggesting the confirmedly ill person to also wear a mask.

The flu has been spreading rapidly with about 47,000 cases in early December and 18,000 cases going into the holiday season, so make sure to stay safe this holiday season.