The Best Gifts


Stores also have sections for crafts or baking. Getting someone something related to their hobbies is always a good idea.

Garrett Brown, MVC writer and photographer

There are many different gifts people can get for someone based on their interests. If someone likes clothes or fashion, they could get them something related to that.
(Addison Stiller)
People might also like to collect things like action figures.
Stores also have sections for crafts or baking. Getting someone something related to their hobbies is always a good idea.
Someone might like the outdoors. A good gift could be fishing or camping gear.
They could also enjoy playing video games or board games. There are endless Christmas gift ideas for anyone to get for their loved ones.

With the holiday season just around the corner, people are on the lookout for presents. There are common gifts like toys, ornaments, clothing, homemade gifts, and silly gifts for white elephant parties.

I prefer gifts that have a practical use. This would need to be attuned to the specific person for whom the gift is being purchased. It depends on what they will find useful. A person who likes building things, for example, could make use out of a LEGO set or a toolbox, but a book about American football would be less likely to be appreciated. I personally do not understand why coal is a common gift given to naughty people; it can be used as fuel for a fire.

Different stores are better for gifts for people with different interests. Hardware stores like Lowe’s and Ace are good for builders, sports stores such as Dick’s and Academy are great for athletic people, super stores like Walmart and Target are good for toys for children, grocery stores such as Meijer and Kroger are great for bakers, and bookstores like Barnes and Noble are a nice place to shop for avid readers.

Homemade gifts always come with more sentimental value. The crafter put in the effort of designing and constructing the gift. Because it is handmade, it is also rarer and likely one of a kind. The downside of custom presents is that the quality is not always the same as store-bought products, but the thought is what counts. Anybody looking to make gifts for their loved ones can find helpful materials at craft stores such as Michael’s.

There are people who would appreciate receiving clothes, but I am not one of them. I already have enough clothes to barely fit in my dresser, and most of them I do not wear very often. A good rule of thumb is to only get a person clothes if they specifically ask for them. If anybody does ask for clothing, great locations include Kohl’s, Walmart, and Target.

Finding the right gift comes down to knowing what the receiver wants, needs, and would use frequently. It helps to think about their interests and hobbies, and it never hurts to make the gift one of a kind. Clothes should not be given to people who do not want them. Good luck with finding the perfect gifts for loved ones this holiday season.