SAB 5.0 Update

Duncan Schiller, MVC writer and photographer

Super Accident Bros. is a platform-fighting style game involving a small cast of characters duking it out on different stages. This game is being developed by Noah Nesbitt and Duncan Schiller, who are both sophomores at MVHS. Version 4.0 has been public for quite some time, and with Version 5.0 releasing soon, some features should be announced.

With this update comes bug fixes, small tweaks to attacks and new maps too. It even has some new characters joining the roster.

Three new maps are being added to this update: Bullet Ball Bounce Base, and Crumpet Town. Bullet Ball Bounce Base is based on another game made by Noah Nesbitt, with the same name. The second map, Crumpet Town, is based off of a map in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Onett, and the final one, Arena, is from another game being made by Nesbitt.

The new characters in this version both wield swords. Loft is the first one, based off of Cloud from Final Fantasy. He has a moveset based on the sword fighter characters in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. The second character is Sparrow, who looks like Robin from Fire Emblem, and has a special move inspired by the character Hero, from Dragon Quest. He is able to use magic from a spellbook to aid him in combat.

This update is coming soon. To find this game, go to and search for Super Accident Bros.