How Christmas has Changed for our Generation

Keith Ellington, MVC writer

I have been thinking about Christmas, and what I want my presents to be, and I am honestly kind of bummed. December is starting, and it is not long until Santa is here. I remember these days going by slowly in elementary and middle school; something magical happened with each passing day, but now the days go so fast. Instead, it is school, work and video games. Time just does not want to slow down for me. Christmas will just be any other day, the only difference being shiny gifts and a lit tree.

This feeling began when my sophomore year of high school started. I realized my freshman year’s Christmas flew by fast and I did not really get to enjoy it as it sped by. There were many other events that happen annually for me like black Friday shopping, remembering September 11th, and even Halloween that I either was not ready for or forgot completely. 

I always remember Christmas though. It is filled with snow, hot chocolate, and terrible Christmas movies, but those things are either not here yet or not coming back. As of writing this, there has not been any glistening snow in my yard, lights in my house, or in my neighborhood. I ran out of hot chocolate in October, so that is not happening. I would get more, but it being cold is a strong factor in enjoying it while looking at snow.  It truly is just a boring start to Christmas and I hate it. 

I think the real reason why I am not excited about Christmas is that I now know the truth as a teen, the magic of Christmas does not exist. I know Santa Clause and his toy-making factory do not exist, and I know the elf on the shelf is moved by my parents, and funny enough, I know my parents do the latest Christmas shopping. I appreciate them for doing it all, but I wish I could forget that Santa was a fake folktale.

Maybe I will change my mind the farther it gets into December, and I will be happy and filled with the jolly Christmas spirit, but as of right now, I could not be more unexcited for Christmas Night.