Best Sports for Beginners

​Yasmin Sustaita​, MVC writer

Most people beginning to search for a sport, want to look for something they find the most fun and enjoyable. But what are those sports they could start out with to grow their passion? It all depends on what they find enjoyable. Anyone thinking about joining a sport or trying out a new sport needs to first decide what it is they want in and out of their sports. They need to consider whether they prefer easy or more challenging sports and if they like team sports or individual sports. So, with that in mind, what are the best sports for beginners to start out on?

A few sports a beginner can start out with include swimming, cycling, badminton, table tennis, and volleyball. Swimming is an easy to learn sport, it all breaks down into the style the swimmers incorporate in their routine. While sports like table tennis, tennis, badminton, and volleyball are all pretty much over hitting the ball or shuttle over the net and landing it into the other team’s side to score a point and/or win.
While swimming and tennis are good easy to learn sports for beginners, they are also a great solo sport for beginners. In tennis, there are single matches where players are pitted against one person by themselves, rather than needing a partner.

While on the other side more challenging sports include boxing, football, ice hockey, gymnastics, and martial arts. Gymnastics, martial arts, and boxing are more challenging and competitive as the player has to remember not just the rules, but also certain moves. Ice hockey and football are more of a physical challenge, as players have to be able to make it across the other side to score a point in either a goal or a net.

Some sports for people who want to play on their own include bowling, golf, darts, or surfing. These sports do not really require teamwork; however, they do require precision and skill. For example golf, darts, and bowling all require players to aim perfectly at the player’s target to score. On top of that, these sports make a great personal hobby to take up any extra free time, as players can spend any extra time available to perfect the techniques for each sport.

On the other hand, some sports for people who want to work or play with a team include soccer, basketball, cheerleading, and baseball. These sports heavily depend on teamwork, and players must be able to work with a team in order to compete. These sports seem the most enjoyable for people who enjoy talking and being around people, plus it also gives them a chance to increase their friend group through something they will already have in common: the sport they play.

In general, go with whatever is interesting and fun. Do not get stuck in a sport that is frustrating to play, look for certain elements that are enjoyable and what isn’t enjoyable, with that draw out what’s best after sorting out what sports are enjoyed the most and what aren’t very enjoyable at all.