History Teachers


Mr. Quinton, being interviewed.

Bri'An Ashley, MVC writer and photographer

To some people, history is the most interesting thing in the world, especially to those who choose it as a line of profession. From worldwide historians to the neighborhood teachers, a love of history often stems from childhood experiences. According to Mount Vernon High School’s World History teachers, Mr. Guthrie, Mr. Quinton, and Mrs. Miller, they all loved history from a very early age.

“From the age of 10, I had always loved it and wanted to have that as my line of profession,” said Mr. Guthrie

Mr. Quinton claimed he and his dad shared a love for it and read all the history books he could find, stating, “We used to do trivia games and quiz each other.”

Mrs. Miller spoke about playing with her six other siblings. She would be the teacher and the others, the students, explaining that, “I would mark them off if they colored outside the lines of the coloring book pages.” She also had a history teacher who made everything interesting for her, so she decided to become a teacher to keep it engaging as well.

Some students may think that teachers come up with topics on their own, but teachers are given the standards set by the state, which they all are required to cover with students. However, the teachers are allowed a bit of freedom in how deeply they dive into topics. History teachers all have their favorite events, which leads to them going deeper into an event than another teacher, but they all cover the same material and try to work together to make sure that every student walks out of their class with mostly the same basic knowledge.

Students seem to be active in these teacher’s classes and seem to be enjoying them. “I like history because some teachers are able to make it fun and add humor to some subjects,” said Malcolm Reynolds, a student in Mr. Guthrie’s class.
According to Mr. Quinton, students seem to be getting more excited as they get closer to the current day’s events.
Mrs. Miller said that students seem to keep coming back to tell her about shows or documentaries that have historical background and/or discuss history that mean something to them.

A fun thing to think about are the “what-ifs.” What if the person had chosen a different line of field, what if they had chosen a different school club? To think of the endless possibilities is time consuming, but entertaining. Some teachers would change their profession or the subject if they had to, and some would not.
Mr. Quinton said he would like to teach creative speaking because, “I enjoy reading essays and seeing students be creative.”
Although Mr. Guthrie says he would not change his profession or subject, he is licensed to teach Geography, and although he has not taught it in nine years, he would like to teach it if he had to change.
“If I had to change, I would do English with a historical background or perspective,” said Mrs. Miller

Teachers do the best they can to make learning environments safe and fun for everyone, including themselves. Each one has something unique about them, from the reason why they do what they do, to their teaching style or method.

Mr. Gurthrie, being interviewed.
(Abby Bates)
Mr. Quinton, being interviewed.
Mrs. Miller, being interviewed.