Taylor Swift’s Midnights

Bri'An Ashely, MVC writer and photographer

On October 21st, at three in the morning, the worldwide sensation Taylor Swift dropped a new album titled, “Midnights’’ featuring 20 songs on the album. It is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and Youtube Music.

So far, it seems to be a hit, topping the “Billboard Hot 100,” with songs from the album taking up the top ten spots. “Anti-Hero” takes number one.

The music video for “Anti-Hero” has reached over 45 million views on Youtube and is trending at number three on Youtube Music. Along with that, Swift’s tour was also announced November 1st, confirmed to be starting in 2023. Tickets are currently on sale, although several venues are already sold out.

Each song on the album is amazing, as usual, and touches the hearts of listeners all over the world. A student at Mount Vernon, grade 10, Logan Clark said this, “My favorite would have to be ‘Anti-Hero.’”

Another student, Delaney Steward, grade 9, said, “I like ‘Maroon’ the most.”

Swift’s “Midnights” is one of the best albums she has released yet, the lyrics of each song have significant meanings, and every line is breathtakingly beautiful. They tell a story of heartbreak and betrayal, old wounds being healed and revenge.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the album, all of its songs were such a hit, and it’s definitely one of my favorites from her so far.

The thumbnail of “Anti Hero”by Taylor Swift (Abby Bates)
“Maroon” by Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift reached the Top 100 on October 31,2022 days after her newest album, “Midnights,” was released