Why I Believe Flipped Classrooms Do Not Work

Gabe Rentfrow, MVC writer

A flipped classroom is a type of teaching style where instead of teaching the students in class, the teacher assigns notes as homework, reviews the notes, and allows for skill practice during class time. I feel this is a poor teaching method because it makes students have to do more, causing lazy students to skip the notes.
The first reason why I believe that flipped classrooms are a poor class setup is because it gives students more to do. Every time I have been in a flipped class, the teacher has graded yesterday’s homework, which takes about 20 minutes, then reviewed the notes, which usually takes about 40-50 minutes, leaving students with about 25 minutes left to do their assignment. making the students not only have to watch the notes, but also do their assignment in class, which leaves students with even more work to do for homework.
Another reason why I believe that flipped classrooms do not work is because it gives less motivated students less to do. Some students in the flipped classrooms I have taken have decided that they do not need to do their notes because the teacher reviews them in class. This is something I agree with, but do not do. Why would a teacher assign notes if they are just going to go over them the next day, and students who do not do the work may end up learning just as much as the students who spent an extra 30 minutes watching the notes for that class?
In total, I believe that flipped classrooms are a waste of students’ time and a poor teaching technique in general, because if the teachers taught the notes in class, students would have less to do for homework.