Apex Mobile Bloodhound vs Crypto

Gabe Rentfrow, MVC writer


In the recently released mobile version of the popular console game, Apex Legends, the new fanbase has been arguing about two of the game’s legends, Crypto and Bloodhound. Both are recon and tracking legends, meaning they can scan and spot enemies and show their location to their teammates. The current fanbase is arguing about whether Bloodhound or Crypto is the higher tier legend.

Crypto, the hacker legend, was introduced to mobile during the second season, along with King’s Canyon and Radophsy. On the console, his Alt is the ability to use his drone while standing still and scan the nearby area for enemies. His Alt can be upgraded so his drone can pick up loot or hack service beacons. His ULT thought is an EMP blast, taking out nearby objects, guns skills and shields; if this is combined with his drone blowing up, he can take out an entire team in the right conditions. 

Crypto’s original release in 2019, was in the second season of the console version of Apex mobile, which was met with much venom. Players believed he was a weak legend and, since he could only stand still when using his drone, he was an easy target for enemies. In the mobile version, though, he could have his drone near him, scanning the area every second, making Crypto a lot more powerful in mobile.

Bloodhound, or “Blódhundr,” their native name, is also a tracker or recon legend. Bloodhound’s Alt has the ability to scan for enemies in front of them with a thermal scanner which they can use every eight seconds, while their Ult allows them to use the power of the Allfather allowing them to see nearby enemies, gain a 200 percent speed increase and quicker mag reloading. Their passive allows them to see tracks left by nearby enemies thanks to Artur, their raven.

Comparing their abilities, I feel that Cryptos Alt is better, since it auto scans every second,  unlike Bloodhounds ALT, which has an eight second recharge and does not send out a blast of thermal radiation. I feel that Cryptos Ult is worse though, since Bloodhounds Ult scans with no visible detection and gives a quicker movement increase and reload increase. The only problem with their Alt is that it takes three minutes to charge while Crypto’s Ult only takes one minute and thirty seconds.

Overall, I believe that Crypto is better since his scan is more effective, faster and less noticeable. His ULT takes less time to charge and is more helpful on the battlefield because he can report enemy positions.